The Thrill of Skydiving & Sea Diving

April 20, 2015

Thrill seekers all around the world dream of the day when they can go skydiving and sea diving. By definition, both of these are categorized as recreational sports. However, those who have been brave enough try out either one of them know that there is a lot more than simply recreation involved with these two. If anything, they should be called adventure sports purely for the insane adrenaline rus... Read More

Essential Beauty Products For Your Skin

April 3, 2015

Beauty is synonymous with good nutrition and beneficial living choices. Beauty and that attractive “glow” really do come from the inside – you are only as good as the healthy choices you make every day. The more stresses you inflict (smoking, alcohol, not enough sleep, poor nutrition, sun exposure) on your body, the more you need to “cover-up” the resulting damage. Beauty products enhanc... Read More

Celebrating Easter On A Budget

March 30, 2015

Easter is the perfect spring celebration. The colourful eggs, smiling children and tasty Easter treats are enough of a reason to throw a party, but as you know, parties can quickly make a big dent to your budget. But you can also ensure your Easter celebration doesn’t cost a fortune by taking advantage of the following quirky saving tips. So, if you are looking to have your Easter celebration... Read More

Tips to Save on Household Expenses

March 24, 2015

If you need to save money, no matter the reason, one of the key places to examine is your household expenses. We don’t realise just how much we are spending each month until we put it down on paper. You should try it now, write down all your expenses per month and in this article you will find a way to save money on one of them, or at the very least think about how to save money. Some things ... Read More
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