About Cookies

What are cookies:

Cookies also known as browser or web cookies are small text files which are placed on user’s computer when he/she uses any site. These file collects information from user computer and subsequently sent back to website by browsers. These files can be accessed by web server or website admin.


How do we use cookies:

Voucherish.co.uk is an affiliate mercantile who brings the amazing vouchers to users for which we get commissions. When user visits our site we track their visit from our site to store site. We track IP address, ISP, date and time, pages visited etc.


Enable or stop cookies in your browser:

There are different options for different browsers for enabling and disabling cookies. To stop cookies from being stored on your computers you need to change the setting of your browser. Click this link to check how to enable cookies on your browser. You can enable or delete the cookies.