5 Best Free Link Building Tools

March 18, 2019

The internet has come a long way since it first paved its way into the mainstream. Today, if you wish to get your page any traffic, you would require a myriad of tools at your disposal. While creating high-quality content remains the norm of the day, one also needs to focus their energy on their link building strategy. Link building strategy more or less depends on the kind of website you have and the SEO plan you have formulated for the same. As per a survey conducted by Moz, it was found that backlinks comprise of nearly 23% of all ranking factors as it is instrumental in letting search engines know as to how to your website is perceived by others. In layman terms, link building identifies how valuable your site is and the more backlinks it has, the more are its chances of receiving traffic and building authority. In this post we will discuss the five best free link building tools:


1. SEMrush:
If there is a name that has become quite common among professional bloggers in recent days, it will be that of SEMrush. SEMrush allows you to not only check out your competitor’s backlink profile but also helps strategize your link prospecting avenues to get similar links. This comes in handy for bloggers who are starting and learning the art of link building. All you need to do here is type the domain name of the website you wish to search and then click on the backlink option. Once you do this, you get a proper database of your competitor’s backlink along with detailed information on the posts getting the most links alongside the anchor text being used by them. There is also an option to filter out the backlinks as per your preference.

2. Ahrefs:
If you are looking for a comprehensive link analysis tool for your website, then Ahrefs is the one to look out for. Ahrefs provides many link building goodies including seeing top pages by links, link growth, broken link analysis, analyzing backlinks, securing your profile against spam links and much more. The Penguin update of theirs is a life-saving tool for someone hitting negative SEO on their website. It provides a detailed link along with percentage breakdown of the anchor text. With its easy to use interface and loads of features, this is by far the best link building tool available in the market today. The only thing that goes against it is its pricing which has been a cause of criticism amongst customers in the past. Looking for economical and dedicated servers to host your website, then make use of Poundhost and get 20% off on everything.

3. SEOquake:
SEOquake happens to be one of the best browser extension apps out there. You can immediately get access to tons of data of the sites you have visited and got a detailed analysis like keyword difficulty, external and internal link report, social signals of a page, etc. One can also get info on any topic on google along with the competitor ranking. This works as just another browser extension that you can set and make use of regularly. You can also make use of it to check suitable blogs that you can use while searching guest posting blogs. Hosting a server on your old PC would not be enough to maintain in the long run. Indulge in a new laptop for yourself and get up to 10% off on all laptops.


4. Linkio:
Looking for a powerful backlink planning tool that does the job of removing tedious tasks on your behalf? Then Linkio is just the tool that does the job for you in an effective manner. Linkio comes along with a sophisticated analysis engine that does the work of recommending you the links that need to be ranked efficiently. The anchor text generator tool is another free tool that provides you with anchor text ideas by taking into account the top listed websites. This then gives appropriate anchor text recommendations that you can use effectively to your advantage. Having an anchor text tool allows you to stay away from Google’s algorithm penalties.

5. Link Prospector:
Quality content will not just show up on its own on top ranking websites. There is a requirement for link building and what better way than a tool that can go through vast amounts of data and list out potential link partners cutting down on your search time. With more than 16 different report types available for bloggers and website owners to use, you can quickly take advantage of link building prospects without the toil and hard work.


While the list of link building tools available in the market is endless, there indeed are many tools that make the cut. One need not feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of such tools but rather try them out and embrace one that best suits your needs.