6 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners

September 14, 2019

So, you have decided to get some fishes for your aquarium but at the same time have no idea which ones to choose. While this might seem like an exciting thing to do, you will also need to do your proper research on what to get and what not to get for your very first aquarium. You will have to make a mental note of the fact that not all fishes have the same tolerance levels. In this post, we have compiled a list of the six best freshwater aquarium fishes for beginners:

1. Zebra Danios:

If you are looking for the most basic freshwater aquarium fish, then a Zebra Danios ought to be on your list. These are easily recognizable due to their striped zebra shaped pattern on their body. Danios are capable of surviving in several different water conditions without problems. Their diet is also not complex as they are capable of having most kind of foods, best-being worms and insects in their diets. They tend to be quite energetic but at the same time, easy to care for. A group of 6-8 Danios would do just fine in an average 20 gallons fresh water tank.

2. Platies:

Platies are another class of freshwater fishes that can survive in most water conditions. They also come in a variety of colors, making them an ideal choice for aquariums. Platies also are quite peaceful and get along with other fishes without disruptions or problems. One thing you ought to note for Platies is that these tend to be livebearers so if you have a group of these, make sure to check for baby platies. Just like Danios, Platies thrive in groups, and a 10 water gallon is more than enough if you wish to keep a minimum of 5 Platies. London has great many attractions and if aquariums and theme parks are what you seek then head to UK tickets on Voucherish and get great discounts.


3. Neon Tetra:

Neon Tetra is small-sized fishes and are often the very first fish suggested for aquarists to buy, Neon Tetras love to be in groups and are quite easy to care for just like the other two mentioned above. Neon tetras as their name suggest come in bright colors and have an iridescent blue horizontal stripe on their body. If you are one to add plants into your aquarium, Neon Tetras prefer plants to hide in and adding driftwood and rocks to the aquarium will more or less help replicate the same kind of environments they live in.

Pearl Gourami

5. Pearl Gourami:

Pearl Gourami’s are another breed of popular fish found amongst aquarium owners. Their beautiful body texture and build make them easy to identify, These are extremely easy going but only require a little more space than usual, close to 30 gallons of water if you are planning to keep some. When it comes to eating habits, Pearl Gouramis can eat a wide variety of things which includes plants, meat, etc. For sufficient nourishment, it is advisable to feed them algae-based flake food or live foods like worms and shrimps. They like hiding and keeping some ferns along in your aquarium gives them a steady based to stay.

6. Swordtails:

As the name suggests, these fish seem to have a sword-like tail and with fins. These thrive in groups and prefer a plant-based diet. A normal Swordtail can grow close to 12 cm in length and have quite a less demand for water. These thrive in communities so keeping a bunch of them is probably a better idea. In the wild, swordtails are mostly found in fast-flowing waters. Usually easy going, Swordtails males can be aggressive towards each other and may even try to assert dominance over each other. Being omnivores, ensure that you feed them food with blanched veggies and even frozen food for that matter.

So, there we have a small comprehensive list of the six best freshwater aquariums that you can own as an amateur and learn more about these.