7 Creative And Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas

March 6, 2020

When it comes to decorating your home wall, a thousand ideas are floating around on the internet that you can use to your advantage. While there is no shortage of ideas, the problem lies in their execution, especially if you are a novice at crafting and DIY ideas. So, in this post, we will feature a collection of easy and creative DIY ideas that you can use to create amazing wall ideas for your home. From aesthetic, rustic to minimalistic, these ideas will come in handy for your wall décor.

 1. Circle Paper Punch Art:

If you are looking for something interesting to do this weekend and involve the entire family as well in the endeavor, then this is definitely the activity to indulge in. All you will need for this is a paper puncher and different colored papers that can be put together in various textures and patterns. That’s one reason why even the kids can chip in with some help and enjoy a good time doing that. Paper punching and gluing are the only essential skills required to be performed here.

 2. A whisk broom to save the day:

Now one may think, what exactly could you really do with a whisk broom? For starters, you could carve the perfect wall texture that looks just as appealing and aesthetic than the mediocre wall paint we are so habituated of using. All you will need for this job is a whisk broom and some wall point and just have at it. This is all but a simple, effective and creative DIY that you can indulge in at no extra cost. So why not just give it a shot this time around, eh?

3. Twig art:

Ever thought how your garden could help be the inspiration for your wall art? Well, specifically twigs. All you will need for this simple wall art idea is branches, pruning shears, a 1 X 2-inch board, nails, glue, and sandpaper. You start by putting a frame board together and then cutting the dead branches and twigs all in shape and exact size. You can color your frame as per your choice, but an ideal color to go for here would be white. Once that is done, all you will need to do is cut and stick the branches to the frame with the use of some hot glue. Eezy, peezy.

Wall painting

 4. Watercolor paintings:

Not necessarily watercolor paintings you ought to put up on your home walls but something similar and close. You can indulge with family and friends or just ask you, kids, to chip in with the watercolor paintings that they draw in school. The more, the merrier. Now, you can cut these paintings in all kinds of sizes, including a triangle, square or shape of your choice. Once done, get a canvas and then get to gluing your pieces on it. You can even design the canvas as per your liking or leave it be with just your watercolor painting cuts you helped make. Every home tends to have electrical needs, and it’s always better that you get the safest stuff for your home space. For all your gadget and electrical needs, head to Go Electrical for the best deals.

 5. A precious porcelain gallery:

If you are a collector of fine China, then this is where your next inspiration for wall art should come from. Rather than getting them out only on specific occasions and rarely, you can have them up and about for everyone to see and admire. Decorative plates have been a staple of wall art for a long time and, in some cultures, even considered auspicious. You will only need to take care of basic details here, including the measurements, arranging plates in order, and then finally taping them all for the final desired effect. Furniture is always an important piece that showcases your character. So why not get something that accentuates your home as best as it can. Head to BHS and get up to 50% off on fabric sofas.

 6. Rugs and quilts on the wall:

This idea might again come as a little odd, but its better than throwing your rug in a storeroom to collect dust. You can just hang these instead by making a few simple modifications. You will need some cotton fabrics of your choice here or the old rugs you have and cut them out in different pieces. The next step will involve pasting these together and holding them along with the help of a wooden dowel rod. Whoever said wall art has to be just paintings and frames?

 7. Children’s art:

Kids are an important part of our lives, and the proud artist they are, would definitely not mind having their masterpieces on display for everyone to see. You can have a dedicated space for the same in the corner of your living room. A mix of vibrant colors painted on paper that you can just do a simple frame and put on display.

So, there we have a list of 7 creative and easy DIY wall ideas that you can use to recreate wall art in your home space.