Anger Triggers In Women That You Should Never Press

August 18, 2017

It is tough to understand women psychology unless you are the one! The problem with women mainly starts when you press the anger triggers that are otherwise not very troublesome. Most of the men are not aware of these triggers and hence mess up with women more often also create gaps in relationships. So for maintaining your relationship check these 6 most common anger triggers in women that one should be careful with!

1. Controlled By Her Loved Ones

Women crave for love and care, however men have their own way of showing their love. Men show their love with possessiveness and control. They form the boundaries around women in order to secure them from others, however this control is not appreciated by women. When love and care are extended as control, women tend to turn rebel!

2. Ignoring Her? A Major Mistake!

Love her, hate her, but never ignore her! Most of the time, women throw tantrums just to get due attention. Women work as the driving force for the family, still very few really recognize her efforts. She may put in her whole day to clean your wardrobe, and when you start messing it again without noticing how clean it is then you are ignoring her efforts. Give her due attention, know her problems, rejoice her happiness, ask her about her day, and so on. Little attention will go a long way.


3. Appreciate Her Efforts

Even when she is carrying out routine job, take time to appreciate it. Say thanks for sweet nothings like you can say thank you for the good dinner, clean laundry, nice cup of coffee, a great evening, or even for spending time with you. It matters a lot!

4. Never Leave Her With Her Problem Alone

Men seek a lonely time to overcome their feelings. They don’t like to be bothered with questions, empathy, or sympathy. And this is what they try with women too! Remember, women are different and they want support differently. Don’t leave her alone as she will be shattered. Sit with her, ask questions about the problem, let her take time, empathize with her, and she will be back with a smile. Lonely time will make her angry. Spend quality time together.

5. Love Her Unconditionally

Everybody wants unconditional love, where there is no give and take. Unconditional love is the one where you give before gaining or where you don’t love the person with asterisk attached to it. Don’t love her in order to get something and you will see that eventually you have gained everything!


6. Taken For Granted

This is one of the most common mistakes that men commit and also the biggest reason for women’s anger. Ask her before you take any decision involving her, make her a part of all your discussions and decisions, and make sure that you don’t take her for granted. Men tend to put many things on women’s duty list and don’t even ask for her willingness as they take them for granted and this is where men go wrong. Don’t confuse her love with her duties. She may happily perform her duties out of love, but when you start taking her for granted, the problem starts!

While there are many trigger points for women’s anger, the central control for all is love. Show love to a woman and she will never let you down!