Best Fitness Goals to Stay in Shape and Good Health

September 25, 2018

Everyone wants to be the fittest version of themselves but becoming fit and healthy takes more than just vision. It requires active efforts combined with a good diet and exercise regime. In today’s time achieving your fitness goals has become one of the most common problems out there as most of us tend to fall off track every once in a while.
Now, all of us have different fitness goals in mind. Some may want to lose weight, some are trying to build muscles, and a few are just trying to get back in shape again.


The trick is to not fall for the “all or nothing thinking” mentality as this is something that rarely helps you realize your fitness goals. Set small attainable goals for yourself that aren’t hard to follow and doesn’t get you sidetracked or distracted. In this post we will tell you about the best fitness goals that will help you stay in shape and good health:

1. Step out of your comfort zone:
Nobody has achieved greatness sitting inside their cocoon. If you want to achieve something in life or your fitness goals, you better be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Try and do something that put you out of your comfort zone. This could be in the form of any activity you have been wanting to try like running a marathon, trying your hand at Crossfit or cycling. Accomplishing something that you are not good at is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone.

2. Make action-oriented goals:
When it comes to getting fit and healthy, an action-oriented plan is what’s going to take you forward in achieving those goals. This means making a plan that is not just open-ended but also achievable. Making your mind to lose weight is an excellent plan but there is really nothing actionable to this goal of yours. Instead, make this plan more action-oriented by waking up early in the morning on every alternate day and dedicating 30 minutes to doing exercises and cardio. This is more like an actionable plan that you can follow through to get fit and healthy. Shop for fitness apparels on Sports Direct and get huge savings on different brands.


3. Lower your body fat percentage:
If you are training yourself with the idea of losing weight, make it a point to shed those extra pounds. This means aiming to lose body fat and gaining muscle. There are different ways you can determine your body fat percentage. You can do it via skinfold calipers, trying a body-comp scale etc. Once you have determined your body fat percentage, you can then work on reducing it on a daily basis. Chalk out a plan with your fitness trainer or look at some blogs that can help you do the same.

4. Drink more water:
Don’t wait to drink water until you are very thirsty. Instead, make it a habit to gulp down water in regular intervals. Your body loses 10 percent performance for every 2 percent of dehydration. Imagine how it can affect you in the long run. Aim to consistently hydrate yourself throughout the day. A good way to determine how much to drink is to keep a track of it. For achieving consistent hydration, aim to drink six to eight ounces every 15 to 30 minutes. Continue this cycle throughout the day. Make nutrition your priority this year. You can also check out The Protein Works and get top brand protein products for reasonable price.


5. Work out earlier:
Always aim to finish all your workouts at least three hours before you doze to sleep. Breaking a sweat close to your bedtime will definitely not help your sleeping patterns as cardio boosts blood flow in your body. This energizes you which in turn make it harder for your body to take rest. If you don’t have time to work out in the morning, try to exercise no later than early evenings so that your body has sufficient time to cool down.

6. Cut down on artificial sweeteners:
Make it a point to cut down on artificial sweeteners or faux sugars that you take in your daily life. This includes baked goods, breakfast cereals, processed snacks, diet fruit juices etc. Instead of using these, you can use raw sugar, maple syrup or organic honey. These natural options are better off for your body than the artificial sweeteners that we are so used to using in our day to day lives.

So, there we have a comprehensive breakdown of the best fitness goals you can follow in order to stay in shape and good health. As and how you change the concept of thinking about your new fitness regime, the lesser time it will take for you to adopt the same in your lifestyle.