Best Kept Secrets About Golden Retriever

September 4, 2019

Pets can sometimes be a lifesaver and more than just a walk companion or a guard dog. Today, Golden Retrievers are the best companions you can have for yourself and your family. These fluffy babies are today one of the most sought out dog breeds within the country. But how we know about them? In this, we will uncover some of the best-kept secrets about Golden Retrievers:

 1. Golden Retrievers originally came from Scotland from Tweed Spaniels:

Scotland is the country that can be credited for creating the Golden Retrievers. The first Lord Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks, wanted a dog for himself that naturally loved water. The dog needed to have an inclination for sea and be an excellent retriever of the game he shot. In the year 1865, he made a purchase of Nous, black wavy coated retrievers and bred it with a tweed water spaniel. This was where the first Golden Retrievers came in the picture, and four pups came out of the union. These are also the early forefathers of the Golden Retrievers we know today.

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 2. Carrying an egg is no biggie:

Yes, you heard it right. Golden Retrievers can easily send an egg in their mouths without breaking them. These furry breed has soft mouths and can take different things in their chops without damaging them. This is where their fundamental skill of hunting game comes in the picture. Being gentle is an essential quality of Golden Retrievers, and they can be trained to hold raw eggs in their mouths. How about helping a guide dog for life? Guide Dogs provides a range of services for different individual needs, and you too now can be a part of one. Head over to the website and find what is it that you would like to sponsor.

 3. A status symbol at one point of time:

Yes, very real, indeed. In Turkey, these dogs were considered to be a status symbol of sorts. This can be attributed to their golden silky, golden furry. For a while, they became status symbols in Turkey, but this came at a cost. The dogs were frequently abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves. A great initiative, however, came into a place called Adopt a Golden Atlanta, which is working with many rescue shelters in and around Turkey. As of date with local cooperation, the organization has been able to save more than 90 Golden Retrievers.

 4. Golden Retrievers have a double coat:

Surprised? Well, you should be. These beautiful dogs are known for their double coats. If you push your fingers gently around their fur and down to the skin, you are bound to find two distinct layers of fur which is also known as the double coat. This comprises of a thick undercoat as well as their top long beautiful coat. This dual-layer coat helps them keep warm in the water but is also the primary cause of shedding. Not that we are complaining, right? Looking for the best flea spot for your pet? Head over to Waitrose Pet and get up to 45% off on their best-selling frontline flea spot.

 5. Goldens shed a lot and need regular grooming:

While this is no big secret for one to wonder but yes, Goldens just as Huskies are known for dropping a lot. They can probably shed a lot and that too regularly so be sure to find layers of fur around your place and your tongue wagging friend looking at you in earnest. This, however, is not something to be worried about. A regular cleaning routine and brushing their hair twice a week does just fine. This will also mean grooming sessions.

 6. They are the fourth most intelligent dog breed:

That’s again a fact and figure. Goldens happens to be the fourth most intelligent dog breed in the world today and alongside German Shepherds, Border Collie and Poodle. This means that these dogs are easy to train and won’t take as much time as other breeds in comparison. Goldens also make for excellent care companions for many people suffering from anxiety, PTSD as well as the physically disabled. In their roles, these are working as therapy as well as service dogs. Not just that, these furry loves also have serious parts with police as well as the military. Talk about being an all-rounder.

 7. Goldens are also outstanding and search and rescue dogs:

Their sharp sense of smell and their remarkable intelligence is one another reason they are used widely as search and rescue operations by law enforcement. Their athletic capabilities, along with their exceptional knowledge and loyalty, makes them one of the most loved dog breeds in the world today.

So, there we have some of the best keep secrets about Golden Retrievers. No wonder, these beautiful dogs spark a smile wherever they go.