CircleCare – The Family App to motivate everyone around you

December 23, 2017

Every day we hear from people around us, who discuss their struggles in staying motivated to continue pursuing their goals in life. Two of the most common issues in these cases is the fact that –

  • They don’t really get the chance to connect & share their problems on a daily basis with their family.
  • Or they do not have a convenient and secure platform to share their feelings and exchange motivation.

Silicon Valley based company CircleCare Inc. has realized the problem and came up with a solution for this, CircleCare – A family app that keeps your whole family connected with each other and they can be the source of motivation for each other.


Why Is Motivation Important?

Motivation is the thing that keeps us running. You might have heard about the lack of motivation at school or at work, where they find it difficult to study, do homework, to stay focused, or to get the work done. But there are always some individuals, who have no problem collecting all 291 badges on CircleCare. Motivation is the thing that makes the difference.

Everybody needs motivation. Motivation to do well in exams, to lose weight, to stay fit & healthy or just to feel appreciated for their effort. CircleCare App provides a perfect platform to motivate & appreciation everyone in the family.

  • Get motivation to lose weight. One of the best ways of losing or managing weight is to walk. CircleCare motivates the entire family to walk more through presetting steps ranking at the end of each day. It creates a fun and competitive environment to make every active! Besides that, you also get to receive walking badges for achieving predefined milestones!
  • Get support & encouragement from family to take medicines, manage blood glucose and blood pressure levels. Family members get to motivate each other by celebrating the effort and by expressing appreciation for it.
  • Appreciate the most important peoples in your life. Send them a badge to acknowledge their contribution or just to inspire them.
  • CircleCare App is a private and secured family platform where people care about each other, they get to know what’s going on in each other’s lives, share updates and send notifications. It’s a close circle of family and friends that you can trust –You get to feel a natural sense of belongingness.

CircleCare App is a perfect motivational tool to build and sustain family engagement. It utilizes the power of the smartphone and the craze of social networking to let family motivate and support each other. Feel free to give it a try @ Google Play Store and iOS App Store.