Guide To Step Up Yourself For This Spring Season

April 20, 2018

We have sprung forward, now it’s time to fully embrace that spring is upon us. While the weather outside may be frightful, it’s only temporary – and you can’t delay in getting yourself prepared for the thawing season. Welcoming a new season isn’t just about updating your look, and while fashion does play an important role, it is just one factor that you need to consider as spring envelopes you. In addition to fashion, you have to get your garden ready for the new season, and it’s all about your attitude, too. Your attitude is more important than you realize.

1. Fashion
Let’s start at the beginning. It’s time to fold your winter clothes away into the back of the cupboard and forget that the beast from the east ever darkened your door. Now, no one is saying to head to the holiday section of your nearest department store to stock up on shorts and flip-flops, but it’s certainly time to look for light-weight trousers and short sleeved tops. Save the rest for your holidays (hey, feel free to buy ahead – who wouldn’t when there are so many amazing deals to be had). The beauty of spring is that you can now stock up on bright florals and maxi dresses, you no longer need your feet fully encased in shoes, you can embrace sandals and all the beautiful, bright clothing you have spent longing for during winter.

Spring Season Fashion

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2. Outdoors
The spring season means getting your garden in order. The winter weather is rough on your garden and as the thaw sets in its common to get snow mould, which can cause serious allergy problems (no wonder you’re already sneezing). So, start your spring preparation by clearing away leaves, debris, and branches that have gathered on your lawn. The sooner you deal with this the less likely you will damage the plants that are due to poke through. This is something you should also do for any shrubs, bushes, and trees you have – trim dead or broken branches and get pruning. Drag your tools out and make sure you give them a good clean – if you’re not in good shape it’s time to replace them. If you plan on planting you’ll want to grab a pitchfork and give your soil a turning over, followed by a rake. Now is the time to add some fresh compost. You can’t plant without a plan, to determine where your vegetables, flowers, and plants are going to be planted – you want to get it right, so know where the sunniest spots are and choose your planting accordingly. Now, all you need to do is maintain it throughout the rest of spring and summer. Of course, come autumn there will be plenty of winter preparation to do!

Spring Season Outdoors

3. Attitude
Attitude is everything. People try to lose weight in the new year, but usually, that resolution has long been dismissed by this point in the year because they didn’t have the right attitude about weight loss in the first place. As spring arrives, people think seriously about losing weight again. The weather starts to get warmer and it becomes clear that it isn’t a beach body you’re concerned about; it’s more about staying comfortable when it gets warmer and wanting to improve your quality of life. Like squirrels, we store our fats away all winter, indulging in life’s finest foods and snacks. That’s gone, now it’s time to get in shape. Those foods don’t have the same draw in warmer weather as they do when it’s cold. It’s all about getting your attitude right and you can do that with a number of self-help books & The Book People is the place where you can find thousands of hand-picked favourites. Losing weight isn’t about impressing other people, it’s all about improving your health, protecting your heart’s health, and improving your self-confidence. We all have body image issues, but you don’t have to let them impact your life anymore. There is no better season than spring to get your life back to where you want it to be – whether it’s losing weight, finding a new job, grabbing that promotion or battling some other obstacle in your life. Spring has a way of helping you change your attitude.

Spring Season Attitude

Don’t look at spring as just another season – start thinking of it as the start of a new chapter. The pen is in your hand and it is up to you to write the story you want to see unfold in your life. So, what’s it going to be? A stylish season filled with success and surrounded by beautiful flowers? Or, do you have something else in mind?