Inexpensive Trips to Plan This Summer

June 13, 2019

Summers are officially here and with it the dilemma for travelers to choose a holiday destination. Globetrotters today are more adventurous seeking new travel destinations to escape the crowd and the endless barrage of selfie sticks coming across every single time. As per an estimate, the average family in the UK spends close to €2000-€3000, but there exist many destinations that can be covered in far less money than this. In this post, we will look at the four inexpensive trips that you ought to plan for the summers:



1. The Cotswolds:
If you are looking for a summer escape to the countryside, then The Cotswolds is the destination to visit. Surrounded by countryside ambles, picturesque sceneries, and small chocolate box villages. The beautiful country is spread across 750 square miles and surrounded by the counties of Somerset, Warwickshire, and Gloucestershire. Every county you visit here has something new on offer. Food is mainly a highlight at the place as are some famous personalities with the land. Laurie Lee, the renowned author, is a resident of Gloucestershire. Cheese is the other famous thing here that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Annual Cheese Rolling and Wake is a must visit there. Travelers looking to enjoy some peace and quiet of nature can stroll in the fine rose-scented gardens, especially the Hidcote, known to be the best-known Arts and Crafts garden in the whole of UK. If you are seeking some thrills, then a visit to the 417 Project is a must, which happens to be a privately-owned mountain bike facility offering a wide variety of riding options to patrons. Don’t be scared if you come across royalty here as Cotswolds happens to the residence of some famous actors including Kate Winslet, Liz Hurley, etc. Traveling to a new place and getting a car can be a cumbersome endeavor at times. This time around, hire the service of Europcar and get up to 20% off on luxury and fun cars.

2. The Azores:
The Azores is an autonomous part of Portugal and an archipelago of islands perfect for a summer getaway for travelers. The natural landscape of the place is bound to leave you mesmerized and craving for more. Been named as one of the top sustainable destinations in the world. If you are fond of some hot baths, then a visit to the Furnas valley is a must. The sand itself is dark black owing to volcanic eruptions in the region. If you wish to do watersports, dive or head out to hike, then there are numerous options made available for travelers. The summers happen to be a peak touring season and also provides an opportunity to opt from a wide range of expeditions.
The best way to travel between this archipelago of 9 islands is to island hop your way. However, ensure you get ample information on the subject as this has become prominent only in recent years. The other simple way to island hop is via ferries here. Atlanticoline is the operator in these parts. Their website provides all the necessary information regarding regular ferries.

3. The Faroe Islands:
The Faroe Islands in Denmark makes for an excellent traveling destination during the summers. Comprising of some beautiful beaches as well as flora and fauna, this is as inexpensive a place you can arrive for a budget holiday. The only thing that can be out of bounds here is the weather which can change drastically due to its position in the middle of North Atlantic. The warm water of the Gulf collides with the icy waters of the Arctic making for unpredictable weather all year round in the place. So, ensure that you are always carrying a rain jacket and some eatables every time you head out for a hike here. It is also a prime birdwatching territory where you can spot several different species of birds. Connectivity is surprisingly good here between the islands. Are you on the lookout for some inexpensive travel insurance as well? Leeds Bradford Airport is offering an 8 days travel insurance to Europe from €8.96.


4. Guernsey:
Guernsey happens to be the second biggest of the Channel Islands and a must-visit destination for the summers. Travelers have more than 25 troves to choose from here which boast of beautiful sandy beaches. The place holds a rich history and one can find remnants of the Second World War at the German Occupation Museum. The Castle Cornet serves as a stark reminder of the times it had dealt through when it was made for defending against France. The 2018 film “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society brought this place into the limelight again, and if you are looking for a quiet place to spend the summers, this is the place you should add to your itinerary.

So, there we have a list of the four inexpensive budget trips that you can plan this year for the summers.